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OpChart is the perfect addition to your dental practice. Save time and money by allowing your hygienist to complete the perio-charting exams without the need of an assistant! OpChart is a perfect opportunity to fill your charting needs - without changing practice management software.


Easy to use without training
Auto-advance on pocket depth and recession
Large, easy-to-read buttons
Voice call back with entry number and tooth through speakers or headset
Spot probing
Graphics draw bone level and gum line making it easy for patients to understand
One-pass exam allows recording of all conditions on a single pass
Chart notes with insertion of pre-defined, boiler-plate notes
Recession overlay shows gum line for patient education
Printout of chart for patient, insurance or referrals
Allows for full documentation of perio that often can be billed out to insurance
Allows for accurate documentation on every appointment avoiding legal ramifications
Perfect for the Dental R.A.T. foot controlled mouse or Dragon Naturally Speaking voice command software for hands-free data entry
Consistent and professional documentation of each exam for patients and referrals
Compare previous exams to show changes
Quick add patient feature and fast patient find
Multiple providers (up to 10)
Exam data may be entered with:
  - Computer keyboard
  - On screen number pad
  - Wireless 10-keypad
  - Voice with voice command software - we recommend Dragon Naturally Speaking software (see banner below)
  - Dental R.A.T. foot controlled mouse
Practical, easy to use and affordable for all dental practices
Network ready
 free trial of OpChart (system requirements)

Adding a new patient (1 minute)
Complete Exam (3 minutes)
Show recession (30 seconds)
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred by Nuance

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