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FAQ for OpChart Perio Charting Software

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I currently have practice management software. Does this create a problem with installing and using OpChart?

A. No, it will not create a problem. OpChart data can be stored in any folder on your network. It can be running at the same time as your practice management software.


Q. Do I need to buy a copy of OpChart for every computer in my office?

A.  No, you only need to purchase a license for the computers you will be entering chart data.  Unlicensed copies of OpChart may be installed on any computers that need to view the OpChart data.  With unlicensed OpChart, adding new patients is not restricted, only adding new exams.


Q. Is there a bridge for patient data in my practice management over to OpChart?

A. No, OpChart does require you to type in the patient name. The name is the only information needed, but it is recommended you put in any other information that you feel is necessary to clearly identify the patient (example: birth date).


Q. Is it difficult to learn OpChart?

A. No, OpChart is extremely easy to use. It was designed to be intuitive for a practicing hygienist requiring no necessary training. You can install OpChart and start using it immediately.


Q. Can OpChart be installed a laptop and used in more than one operatory?

A. Yes, it can. If you are storing the data on the laptop and not on a server, you should routinely backup the data to protect against data loss.


Q. Can OpChart data be stored on my server?

A. Yes. Storing data on your server is recommended. Having patient data stored on your server allows it to be shared by other OpChart users on other computers on your network. OpChart data should be included in the backup routine.


Q. How do I get help if there is a problem?

A. OpChart representatives can provide software support for any questions you might have regarding the software. Hardware configurations and network issues should be addressed by your hardware technician. OpChart uses a standard installation routine that does not require technical expertise.


Q. What happens to my data after the free trial?

A. Your data will remain on your computer. The purchase license unlocks the software using a signature of your computer hardware. To register your copy of OpChart, you are required to complete a form located on the OpChart license screen. After completing the form, OpChart will automatically send an e-mail to OCS. OCS will reply via e-mail with the key needed to unlock the software after your order has been processed.


Q. What are the costs support and software updates?

A. Software updates and OpChart support are now provided free for registered users of OpChart Software.

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